MyAnimeStream April 20 Updates

Hey guys! Here's our first update, it seems!

Let me start off by saying only 2 of us currently work on this site, but in due time, we'll be opening up staff positions to assist us. We may not be placing 100 series up per day, or using other people's databases to populate our series, but we're nevertheless placing up series as fast as we can.

MyAnimeStream has only been up since the beginning of April, 2013. In a little under 3 weeks, we've managed to place up 200 Anime series. That's just the beginning though. We're going to have more up everyday, new and ongoing, so make sure to check back everyday! We're planning anywhere between 5-10 series, but we may end up with more/less, depending on our workload.

We're placing both English Dubbed Anime and English Subbed Anime up. If you find a series you're looking to watch, and it's only Dubbed, then wait, as we'll likely have it up subbed eventually as well. Same applies to people waiting on Subbed Anime to be Dubbed. Please bear with us as we get up all the Dubbed and Subbed Anime that're available!

Currently, there is no comment system, but we'll likely be placing one up in the near future, along with a user system that allows people to register, post comments, and have a profile. Again, this isn't happening now, but once we start getting enough people to warrant a working user system, we'll have it made. So for the time being, if you want to request something, please drop a message on our Facebook Page, which you can find over in the sidebar to the right.

Lastly, we'd like to thank you for visiting MyAnimeStream. We're working to bring everyone the very best Anime streaming solutions online, and hope you end up remaining with us, even though we're small right now. We'll get larger, we promise! We're working our very hardest! Please enjoy everything we currently have to offer!

MyAnimeStream.NET Launch!

So hey there everyone! This is just a friendly update to let you all know that our handy coder has (as far as we're aware) completed the CMS that's going to power our new website. We've already located and cleaned up most of the bugs we've managed to generate, but I doubt that will be everything. So, if you happen to come across any bugs - please, let us know as soon as possible! We don't want more people running into the same bug!

With regards to the Anime List page, we're working on getting that populated fast. Both Dubbed and Subbed Anime will be put up, and the list is going to be quite large. :] We're working on doing a minimum of 10 series per day, to try and bring you a hugely complete collection of both Dubbed and Subbed Anime in one place.

More info will be added in the future, and this post will be updated as necessary!